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Chemkleen was established in 2001 to originally provide public institutions and the private sector with the sustainable supply and distribution of quality and affordable cleaning material.



Since its inception, Chemkleen has ventured into the broader supply market, diversifying its product range with its core intention of supplying products which are based on the client•s specific needs.


Chemkleen currently occupy an 800m• fully serviced warehouse, wholly owned forklift, 2- heavy-duty trucks and 1 •1 •- ton truck, 1 4-ton truck and 5 1-ton bakkies.


We are a 70% black owned Company with an Executive of highly experienced individuals in the cleaning, hygiene and general supply market. Majority of the Executive members are from previously disadvantaged backgrounds (PDI•s), thus making the company BEE Compliant.


The strength of Chemkleen management team is based on the complimentary skills and experience prevailing in the management team.


At Chemkleen, we believe that empowerment is the core objective of our business• principles and therefore are embarking on a strategy of identify black women business partners.


In so doing, we will have achieved the goal of contributing towards the GDP of the country, job creation as well as developing and transferring skills to other members of the community.



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